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Urban Trash is your dedicated partner in sustainable waste management. Our cutting-edge B2B waste aggregation platform offers tailored solutions for businesses seeking efficient waste collection, responsible disposal, and environmental sustainability.

  • Our Mission
  • At Urban Trash, our mission is to revolutionize the waste management landscape for businesses by promoting sustainable practices, technological innovation, and environmental responsibility. We are committed to providing efficient waste aggregation services that leave a positive impact on urban communities.

  • Our Vision
  • We envision a future where waste management is synonymous with environmental conservation. Our goal is to offer businesses a reliable and sustainable waste collection solution that contributes to a cleaner, greener world.

  • Our Journey
  • Since our inception, Urban Trash has evolved as a pioneering force in waste aggregation. Our services cater to businesses of varying scales, ensuring professionalism, reliability, and a focus on environmentally conscious waste management practices.

  • Our Customer base
  • At Urban Trash, we've had the privilege of serving a diverse array of businesses since our inception. From small-scale enterprises to established names, our commitment to efficient waste management has earned us the trust of various industries. Join our growing list of satisfied customers and experience the difference with Urban Trash.

    Urban Trash has proudly served over 4000 customers across B2C and B2B sectors. As part of our pivot and strategic evolution, we are shifting our primary focus towards catering to the unique waste management needs of businesses (B2B). This focus allows us to dedicate our expertise and resources to deliver specialized, efficient, and tailored waste management solutions for businesses.

  • The Journey Of Urban Trash
  • Urban Trash officially emerged in March 2022, but its story starts long before. The founder spent eight years deeply involved in the waste management industry, acquiring invaluable experience from various companies. With this wealth of knowledge and a keen sense of what the market needed, Urban Trash came to life. We're here to offer innovative waste management solutions, built upon years of industry understanding and expertise.

  • Our Beginning
  • The foundations of Urban Trash were laid through years of learning, observing, and recognizing the crucial need for sustainable, efficient waste management solutions. The amalgamation of past experiences and a vision for a better, cleaner environment culminated in the birth of Urban Trash.

  • Driving Innovation
  • Since our inception, innovation has been at the heart of our mission. We're continually evolving, leveraging technology, and redefining waste management practices to create a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for businesses and communities.

Our Team

Meet Our Fabulous Team

Thajudeen Aboobaker

Co-founder & CEO

Afsal Mohammed B

Co-founder & CSO

Muneer EK

Project Coordinator

Althaf Mohammed

Project Coordinator

Mashood KH

Marketing Coordinator

Jazir K Jabbar

Logistics Coordinator

Muhammed Fayize

Coordinator - Urban Compost


Resource coordinator


Resource Associate

We Are Offering 3 Subscription Plans

Subscribe to Urban Trash for regular waste removal from your institution. Our hassle-free plans ensure timely waste collection, leaving you to focus on your core operations. Experience a cleaner, eco-friendly environment effortlessly.

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Our Subscription Plans

Tire 1

Shop/Offices(small scale waste generation)

  • ₹1000

    No. Of Bags/Month : 10
    No. Of Collections: 1
  • ₹1750

    No. Of Bags/Month : 25
    No. Of Collections: 2
  • ₹3500

    No. Of Bags/Month : 50
    No. Of Collections: 3

Tier 2

Institutions/ Apartments (Medium scale Waste generation)
    • ₹8000

      No. Of Bags/Month : 100
      No. Of Collections: 6
    • ₹12000

      No. Of Bags/Month : 150
      No. Of Collections: 10
    • ₹18000

      No. Of Bags/Month : 200
      No. Of Collections: 12

Tier 3

Industries, Malls (Higher scale waste generation)
  • ₹20000

    No. Of Bags/Month : 200
    No. Of Collections: Daily
  • ₹75/Bag

    No. Of Bags/Month : 300+
    No. Of Collections: Daily

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